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Data urodzenia: 9 lipca 1990

Skąd: poznań / zg

Zainteresowania: wóda, koks, lasery. jestem fajna i kocham róż.

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one day i fell asleep and i never woke up...

and in my dream i saw a fairy

and she was holding a flower

and she was so pretty!

but then she opened up her whole head and ate the flower,

but she was still hungry

because she turned her head and looked at me

and i knew that she was going to eat me.

but i was faster

and i ran,

and i ran,

and i ran.


she ran,

and she ran,

and she ran after me.

and all the time she was getting bigger

which was scaring me,

and then i thought,

"aren't fairies supposed to be tiny?"

and suddenly she was gone.

along with everything but the forest

and i was very scared,

even more scared when i was with the fairy,

and i almost wished she'd come back,


whatever was waiting for me

in my dream forest,

wasn't hungry...

but it was waiting for me anyway.

one day i fell asleep and i never woke up...