[GI] Pomoc w wypracowaniu

Oto tekst z intra G1:
The war against the orcs --- and the prisoners of the --- were to pay the price. The king needed --- for his army and every man ---To make it impossible for them to escape the king send up to past magician of the kingdom to create a magic barrier around the --- I was one of them.
Something disturbed the delicate structure of magic…We were crept inside our own barrier.
--- Khorinis was now under the control of the --- convects.
The king had no choice: he --- He needed the [ruda].
Month after month the king – everything the prisoners needed. Month after month --- Until the present day another convect was --- He did not know but he would change everything.
-In the name of king Rhobar II --- I sentence this convect to…
-Stop! Convect! I’ve got an offer to --- you. This letter must --- the leader of the Magicians of Fire.
-You’re wasting your time.
-You ---. --- anything you ask for.
-Very well. I’ll take your letter. One more condition: spare me the rest of this nonsense.
-Keep silent! Write! Send him here!

-Welvome to the colony!
---- Get up!
Co jest w miejscach myślników?
I jak nazywa się Noc Kruka po angielsku?
Ech, te RPGi.
Noc Kruka Po angielsku znaczy- Night Of The Raven.
No wiesz, tyle to się jakoś domyśliłem A reszta? Już teraz to się w sumie i tak nie musicie fatygować, bo już dawno oddałem to wypracowanie, wybrakowane bo wam się nie chciało mi pomóc, ale dzięki chociaż za tyle. Temat można zamknąć.
Ech, te RPGi.
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