[Diablo] Lista wszystkich możliwych do zrobienia postaci :P

Oto wszystkie (jak narazie) dostępne postacie, jakie można zrobić w grze(obok są skille w które trzeba maxować):

Vindicator/Smiter (Smite paladin)
Templar/Foher (FoH paladin)
Hammerdin (Blessed Hammer paladin)
Crusader (Charge paladin)
Ranger (Bow paladin)
Undead Hunter (Sanctuary paladin)
Martyr (Sacrifice paladin)
Mage (Blessed Hammer + FoH paladin)
Vindemplar (Smite + FoH paladin)
Liberator (Charge + Blessed Hammer paladin)
Frost Crusader (Charge + Holy Freeze paladin)
Avenger (Vengeance paladin)
Fanatic Avenger (Vengeance + Fanaticism paladin)
Zealot (Zeal + Fanaticism paladin)
Power Zealot (Zeal + Concentration paladin)
Elemental Zealot (Zeal paladin with lots of elemental damage)
Tesladin / Shockadin (Holy Shock paladin, usually coupled with Zeal)
Missionary (Conversion + Thorns paladin)
Medic (Holy Bolt + Prayer paladin)
Vanquisher (Smite + Blessed Hammer paladin)
Smealot (Smite + Zeal paladin)
Dragoon (Throwing paladin
Fallen Paladin (Auraless paladin)


Bowazon - An Amazon using a bow or crossbow.
• Strafazon - main attack is Strafe.
• Multizon - using Multishot as a main attack.
• Frostmaiden - main attacks are Cold, Ice and Freezing Arrow.
• Immozon - Immolation Arrow as a main attack.
• Mageazon - using Arrows with Elemental Damage Skills (Immolation Arrow, Ice Arrow, Frozen Arrow, etc.)
• Sniperzon - using maxed Guided Arrow.
Spearazon - using a Spearclass weapon (including javalins used as melee weapon)
• Jabazon - using Jab as a main attack.
• Fendazon - using Fend as a main attack.
• pikazon - you get the idea:)
Javazon - using a Javelin as throw weapon with main attack lightningfury.
Speedazon - A Bowazon built on using increased attack speed items to be as quick as possible with her attacks.
Tankazon - only uses skills from the Passive Skills tree. and doesn't use bows or spear class weapons. Usually uses runeword "Beast" to change into the WereBear.
Dexazon - A Bowazon that pumps all her Stat points into Dexterity. Uses + Str items to use the good bows.
Burizon - A Bowazon using the unique weapon: Buriza Do Kyanon.
PKZon - specializing in Player Killing. (geglash, buriza, Guided Arrow, lots of life, shaftstop, 40% faster run)


Venomancer / Poisonmancer- uses Poison skills and LR curse.
Pleague Lord - uses Poison Skills and Summonning
Zookeeper - max skell mastery max revive, uses curses and CE to kill monsters
Golemancer - Max gholem mastery + max a gholem (fire or iron) main killing power is CE and curses
Bone Necro = uses Bone Skills (Spirit, Spear, Teeth, Wall, Prison, Armor)
Meleemancer - fights hand-to-hand and uses curses and Bone obstacle spells.
Daggermancer - Uses Poison Dagger as his main attack. Also uses curses. + a gholem
Bowmancer - A Bow using Necromancer.
Lord of Mages (LoM) - using maxed Skeleton Mages and max skell mastery with Lower Resist and Fire Golem.
Skeleton King - Only uses Bone spells and skeleton spells
Arty Necro - concentrates on ranged attacks: Poison Nova, Bone Spirit (or spear) + a gholem and Lr curse
Overlord - Max gholem mastert skell mastery skeleton skell mages, a few points in revives and a gholem (does NOT kil with curses)
Dentist - maxed teeth
Naked mage - necro without any equpment
Mojomancer - uses ONLY curses, can't be played without a party.
PKnecro - max Bone Spirit + bone armour + Bone prison heavily invests in life. aslo uses Lr and IM curse
Commandomancer - uses Summonig spells and rw "beast"


WW Barb - using Whirlwind as a main attack.
Old school Lancer - pre-lod ww/lance combo barb (like the Burizon now, named after a weapon that was very powerfull with a certain skill)
SS Barb - A WW Barb using a sword and shield.
Frenzybarb - uses Frenzy as his main attack.
Bowbarian - A Bow wielding Barbarian.
Throwing Barb - Throwing weapons using barb, maxing throw mastery and BO, base life (or VERY litle) 1 point or max double throw. and uses howl or grim ward.
Singing Barb - Has maxed war cry, BO heavy invsestments in Nrg dubble weald wands (suicide bransh and/or
Frogarian - This Barbarian uses Leap Attack as a main skill.
TankBarb- barb who tanks (does NOT use ww, and does NOT dubble weald)
• PI barb - maxing BO and uses lots of damage reducing equipment
• Ironbarb - A Barbarian maxing out Shout, Concentrate and Iron Skin. Also uses the highest defense armament he can find.
Berserker - uses Berserk as a main attack.
Snakebarb - a lance using tankbarb
Fister - uses Bash and a lot of elemental dam charms and + minimum dam items, does NOT use anything in his weapon slot.
PKbarb - uses banana star (with hel rune), ww, has moderate PI equip, lots of life and VERY fast run/walk
Ironman-barb or LoL-barb (living of the land) - barb who doesn't use NPC shops. usually has a few points in find pot and find item and does NOT max a mastery. (this is the most in your face unter-variant you can play in d2)
Jump Singer - uses Jump + War Cries
Zeal Barb - uses rw "Passion" and skill "Zeal" from it


Old school Tweaker Sorc - max static max FO lots a faster cast equip. (outdated design)
• Lightning Only Sorc (LoS) - Only Lightning Skills are used.
• Fire Only Sorc (FoS) - Only Fire Skills are used.
• Ice (Cold) Only Sorc (CoS) - Only Cold Skills are used.
Old School Sorc (D1) - Uses only skills known in D1 (with some imagination, meteor can serve as elemental and static as flash)
Blazestormer - This Sorceress uses maxed Blaze, maxed Thunderstorm and maxed Masteries for Fire and Lightning.
Innovator - Frost Nova and Nova are the only skills used by this sorceress. (Good luck with this one)
Sparkler - A Sorceress using maxed Charged Bolt and Lightning Mastery. often backed up with hydras
Naked Babe - A Sorceress wearing no equipment. (also naked mage under necro)
Newschool Tweaker - Fast-Cast items + non timer skills (GS or Fire Ball)
Enchantress (Melee Sorceress) - This Sorceress maxes out Shiver Armor, Enchant, Fire Mastery and Thunderstorm. She fights at the front line with a melee weapon.
Bowsorc - A Sorceress using a bow.
Tankasorc - tanks monsters herself to keep them in AoE spells range (is a mix between barbasorc and Melee Sorc)
Barbasorc - has more life than mana so she is immune to the blood mana curse, usually (but not always) uses skills that have a timer anyway (FW FO) and puts more than 1 point in warmth.
Lightning Sorc - uses chain lightning and lightning as main attacks. (not to be confused with LoS)
Infernosorc - Uses Inferno as main attack, needs to have a super high lvl inferno and warmth to work well past normal.
Novasorc - uses nova, lots of mana (LOTS of mana) and faster cast. (not to be confused with Innovator)
Magic finder - Max FW, Fire Mastery and max FO, puts 5-10 points in Cold mastery (she has almost no +skill items) usually a babasorc type.
Pksorc - max FO, max Cold mastery, max light mastery, max Thunder Storm heavy investment in life and even more than 1 point in teleport.


Shifter - A Shape Shifting Druid.
• Wolf Shifter/WolfDru/ Wolverine/lots of names tongue.gif - A Werewolf Shape Shifting Druid. Also known as a WW Druid.
• Bear Shifter - A Wear Bear Shape Shifting Druid. Also known as a WB Druid.
Summoner - A Druid using Summon Skills only
Elementist - A Druid using mainly Elemental Skills.
Botanist - This Druid only uses the Vines/Creeper Skills.
The Crow - This Druid maxes out the Ravens Skill.
Windbreaker/Wind Dru - A Druid using Wind skills (Arctic Blast, Cyclone Armor, Tornado and Hurricane)
Bowling Druid - A Druid using maxed Molten Boulder as a main attack.
Unnamed? - uses a combination of all 3 trees (yes, has points in both Shapeshifting and Elemental)
Fire Claw - Also known as FireDru but it can be mistaken with ( Druid using fire based elemental skills like armageddon firestorm ) Druid using fire claw skill at werebear form he usualy do loads of fire dmg and have as fast as possible weapon ( complaying to only weapon ias bonuses as werebear ) like phase blade with 6xShael rune .
brainlessblaster - brainless druid using arctic blast as main attack very weak and have lack of imagination .
RabbieWolf - a Werewolf uses Rabies.
Shockwave Bear - a Werebear uses Shock Wave

Trapper (Trapassin) - An Assassin using Traps as main skills. Specifically Lightning Sentry, Wake of Inferno and Death Sentry.
Fire Trapper - uses fire traps
Psychic - This Assassin uses mainly Shadow Arts. her Merc and Shadow Master do the main killing.
Bowassin - Assain uses maxed Venom, usually with Widow Maker
Mind Slayer - Psychic Hammer and Mind Blast are this Assassins main attacks.
Ninja - This Assassin uses Blade Fury
Viper - An Assassin using Venom as a main skill. Coupled with poison charms and a 6 Perfect Emerald bow she can dish out some serious poison damage.
Kickassa - Assasin using kick skills to kick asses of oponets :] .
WW Assain - uses skill Whirlwind from runeword "Chaos"
PKasn (magekiller) - max dragon flight, max tiger strike and heavy investment in life

Wszystkie informacje pochodza z serwisu http://http://www.diabloii.net/

Wiem, że zaraz będzie, że "każdy umie ctrl i c wcisnąć, co mi to da jak nie ma tu żadnych taktyk", ale postanowiłem że to taka ciekawostka odnośnie d2. A co do taktyk to jak ktoś wybierze postać i poprosi to mogę poszukać tej konkretnej takty :]
Zealot rulezz. Nie ma to jak fanatyczny Paladyn zapalczywie atakujący swych wrogów.
Kurcze mnie laikowi (jak narazie) jesli chodzi o Diablo te nazwy nic nie mówia...czy jest moze gdzies na tym forum jakis topic ktory troche mi wyjasni to wszystko? A moze znacie jakies dobre str w necie?
Ciekawy top... Ja tam i tak robie/robiłem postacie takie które mi sie podobało, troche tego, troche tamtego...taki MIX
Ja powrocilam ostatnio do d2 ;] obecnie koncze 5 akt na normalu ;] gram druidem likantropem a jest to najsilniejsza w grze postac po amazonce ( moim skromnym zdaniem jesli sie go dobrze rozwinie oczywiscie a przy furii wilkolaka zapal paladyna jest tak wolny ze po grze takim druidem wydaje nam sie ze gramy w spowolnionym tempie innymi postaciami Tokar mogles sie wysilic troche i przetlumaczyc opisy to nie wiele kosztuje a nie wszyscy znaja angielski co widze w kolo ;d i kazdego poprawiam ( ja to juz jakies zboczenie na punkcie anglika chyba mam )
Dancing in the moonlight
Singing in the rain
Oh, it's good to be back home again
Laughing in the sunlight
Running down the lane
Oh, it's good to be back home again
Bardzo cekawa postawa miło że ktos pamięta o nieobeznanych
Po angielsku wstawiłem ponieważ:
1. Większość graczy ma ang. wersję Diablo II (z tego co słyszę)
2. Super wielkich znajomości angielskiego ten tekst nie wymaga (a jak trochę pograłeś w Diablo to teoretycznie wiesz o jakie umiejętności chodzi )


ale postanowiłem że to taka ciekawostka odnośnie d2

Co do przetłumaczenia to nie ma sprawy, ale obecnie to ledwo na forum wchodzę, więc w najbliższym czasie, to raczej nie da rady

I tyle.
To się wszystko kręci wokół czasu i chęci ale rym... prawdziwy jednak
Enigmus taki mix to raczej nie jest dobre rozwiązanie ponieważ taka postać nie wyciągnie dużego damage pamiętam moja pierwsza postać pala 80 lvl i ledwo dawał rade w Kazmatach na koszu lipnie się tak robi

Angela zależy jak się rozwinie pala i jakie ma itemki np kila do poziomu, fana na 20 zwiększa szybkość o 35 % + jeszcze skill itemki i broń jakaś przynajmniej 70-80 szybkości i oczywiście zapał na max i poświęcenie na max + item skill i zealot / smiter potrafi być naprawde szybki niegdy nie grałem druidem więc się nie sprzeczam ale pala potrafi być bardzo szybki.
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Lista wszystkich możliwych do zrobienia postaci :P - Odpowiedź

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