[BGI] Jusam

ciekawe nawet bardzo.
Baldura przeszedłem kilkanaście razy i z tym kolesiem się nie spotkałem .
Napisz jeszcze w jakim mieście i w którym rozdziale go spotkałeś
Komnata Cudów obok Domu Pani a rozdział to był 5

[Dodano po 4 miesiącach]

I jak spotkał się ktoś z nim oprócz mnie?
Moim zdaniem musiał to być mod (w jakimś modzi, kilka wątków i nie zauważyłeś tego), przeszukując internet prawie nic się o nim nie znajduje, a ja nie ma w internecie nie ma nigdzie , jak by to było w oryginalnej wersji na pewno w jakiś solucjach czy czymś takim można by było o nim przeczytać.

Ja nie spotkałem.
ja znalazlem cos takiego:
"This is a mod for Baldur's gate II using the BG > BG2 Tutu conversion.

The last bandits at the service of Iron Throne were captured or killed by the Flaming Fist units, and those who managed to escape remained unorganized and weak--at least this is believed by the dwellers of the Sword Coast, by peasants, commoners, soldiers, nobles, Grand Dukes...

However, a few bandits managed to hide and formed a small clan. They lived in forests and villages, and due to their basic instinct and cunning, they managed to build up a good relationship with half-ogres...

And the small clan was not so small anymore. The human bandits infiltrated to towns but remained unseen in the eyes of authorities. Meanwhile, General Jedyan, an old friend of Duke Eltan has founded a secret Flaming Fist unit with the permission of the Duke. Its original goal was to investigate the political machinations at the highest level, but despite of the honest, brave and skilled members, its activity was unsuccessful. They were unable to do their secret activity... perhaps their lawful characters prevented them. Duke Eltan told Jedyan to dissolve the elite unit, and the general would have done so if an unexpected event had not happened...

A soldier of the elite unit encountered some ruffian-looking people who were running out from a house. He blocked their way, and since they didn't surrender, he killed them. It was a robbery, no doubt. It happens often. He examined their inventory, and beside some gold pieces (probably taken from the house) he found no money but a map. He reported the case to his superior Lord Jusam, who showed the map to Tergius, a wise sage. The old man examined the dusty and torn paper, checked the illustrations and legend. Jusam knew from his glance at once: balance is in great peril, increasing with each passing moment.

The map was a perfect operational plan of a siege, and the soldiers were half-ogres... half ogres who otherwise live in unorganized small tribes and fight each other... Members of the elite unit gathered, and Jedyan ordered an immediate and intensive intelligence activity.


* This mod was created for those who play with neutral or good-aligned parties, but can also be fun for 'evil players'. You can meet general Jedyan near the tower of Ramazith in Baldur's Gate. A minimum reputation of seven is required to initiate dialog and make the plot begin. After talking to Jedyan, you need to find Jusam, who should be somewhere at the Hall of Wonders. The Flaming Fist members are good characters, so they might turn on you if become evil during the quest. Of course you can kill them and take their excellent items if you want... this will probably break the plot though.
* Important dialogs. Pay attention to conversations. They may contain necessary information. Choose your answers wisely. Sometimes patience can be the wisest 'decision'...
* Information is fast... the dialog of creatures may change as the plot advances - they are people (usually) after all, not statues singing the same song.
* No more morons. Bandits won't stand idle and wait for their end (you) in a crowd of commoners...
* Flaming Fist often assists you in battles. Big battles. Fighting in front lines is not always the best idea, no matter how heroic it sounds. The Grey Enemies are tough and cruel. On the other hand, never give up: help may arrive when you feel there is no way out... at least not in one piece.
* As mentioned above, you will get no mercy from the Greys: use your best knowledge in combat. Magic, potions, and quick feet... sometimes you might want to escape in order to remain alive.
* References to Baldur's Gate original story
* New creatures: well-trained Bandits, Half-ogres and Wolves, Flaming Fist Deserter, Sorcerer
* Sub-quests
* Some new items, including Garlic, Oak Club and Gift of Storm +4 "

oraz cos takiego:

Brawo KRQ! Rozwiązałeś zagadkę.


After talking to Jedyan, you need to find Jusam, who should be somewhere at the Hall of Wonders.


Otóż zawitałem do Komnaty Cudów i spotkałem owego Jusama jak zabija jakąś osobę.

Zgadza się.

Czyli jednak to sprawa moda - wszystko jasne.
Czy 643 artykuły na GE nie mówią same za siebie?

Najładniejsza laurka, jaką kiedykolwiek dostałem. Dzięki. (;

Nie przypominam sobie żebym wgrywał jakiś mod
Czary mary?
Czy 643 artykuły na GE nie mówią same za siebie?

Najładniejsza laurka, jaką kiedykolwiek dostałem. Dzięki. (;

na pewno ściągałęś, a że może to dawno było to nie pamiętasz. Albo ktoś inny sobie z twojego kompa skorzystał
P.S: a ten mod to sie The Grey Clan czasem nie nazywa?
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