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Night Elf Nudes!
Hahaha eh no cóż


You are Northstar!

Name: Jean-Paul Beaubier

Place of birth: Montreal, Quebec

Mutant Power: Northstar can run and fly at supersonic speeds

Brief Bio: Separated from his twin-sister Jeanne-Marie as an infant after their parents were killed in a car-crash, Jean-Paul was adopted and led a lonely life, eventually becoming a world-champion skiier. He was then contacted by James Hudson, who had discovered his sister and offered them both a role in the canadian super team Alpha Flight. After leaving Alpha Flight, Northstar revealed publicly that he was gay. Sometime later, he joined the x-men at Professor Xavier's request.

Northstar currently has the hots for Iceman, who has no idea.

Wacky plot line: Northstar was once a terrorist as a member of a French Canadian Seperatist Group.

Boothy's Coolness Rating: - Northstar is pretty cool

Mi wyszedł Death Knight
A w Marvelu IceMan
Trzy resorty dla Ligi co ich Roman wiedzie
Siedem dla Samoobrony z Andrzejem na przedzie
Trzy dla PIS-u pod wodza Kaczora
Jeden dla wadcy-OJCA DYREKTORA

Jaki z tego wniosek?Ojca Dyrektora trza do wulkanu wrzucic!

Name: Alex Summers


Mutant Power: Havok has the ability to absorb ambient cosmic energy and release it as waves of intense heat -- creating plasma, a state of matter consisting of charged subatomic particles. Heat waves will emanate from Havok's body in all directions unless purposefully channeled, usually along the length of his arms. When one of these waves strikes an object, the sudden jump in temperature may cause it to shatter, explode or simply disintegrate.

Brief Bio: The brother of X-MEN leader Cyclops, Havok has always lived under his brother's shadow. He has led X-Factor, a group of mutant criminals known as the brotherhood and a version of the X-MEN from an alternate dimension known as the six.

Havok is as powerful as his brother, but lacks leadership skills and is hot headed. Scott and Alex are invulnerable to each other's powers.

Wacky Plot line: After detonating a bomb/plane/time machine to save a city, Havok was transported to another dimension where he led a group of alternate X-MEN known as the six. In this reality, Beast was dumb, Angel was evil and breathed fire and Storm was a vampire!

The book was called Mutant X [a title which was stolen for a crappy, rip off tv show]. Recently the book was cancelled and Havok was returned to his original dimension albeit in a coma.

Boothy's Coolness Rating: - Havok is cool


A ja zawsze wolałem Gambita.
- Tak, tak. Ja za każdym razem mówię co innego. - Aha. I?

- I nic. Uważam to za cnotę. (...) Dziennikarka pyta mnie, czemu ciągle zmieniam zdanie, a ja jej odpowiadam: "Żeby się uwiarygodnić". - "Uwiarygodnić"?

- Oczywiście. Bo zawsze mówię to, co w danej chwili czuję. Nie kalkuluję, nie kombinuję. Uwiarygodniam się przez to, że sobie zaprzeczam. - Przewrotne.

- Tak. I jutro temu zaprzeczę.
W Warcrafcie death knight a w x-manie Havokiem

,,A teraz Cię zjem i zaśpiewam piosenkę o wesołym brzuszku. Ach mój brzuszek..."

"No cóż ,widzisz,jest ich czworo,i to w zasadzie wszystko ,co do czego mogą się kiedykolwiek zgodzić.Nie potrafią się nawet zgodzić,czy chce im się szczać,nie mówiąc o wyborze nocnika,do którego mają naszczać.

Jestem harcorem
Mi wyszło, że jestem Blood Mage

A ja chciałem sprawdzić czy znowu mi tak samo wyjdzie... i wyszło Jestem taki sam, stary, brzydki Shadow Hunter...

a u Marvela jestem:


Name: Scott Summers


Mutant Power: Scott Summers is cursed with powerful Optic blasts of kinetic energy that fire every time he opens his eyes. He must wear a ruby quartz visor to control them.

Brief Bio: Longtime leader of the X-MEN, husband to Jean Grey, brother to Havok. Scott Summers is all these things. Cyclops is a natural leader, but lacks social skills. The first mutant to be trained by Professor X, Cyclops has had more than his share of trials and tribulations.

His life is one of the wackiest plotlines in X-MEN history, so i'll just move on.

Wacky Plot line: Cyclops dug Jean as soon as he saw her, but it took time for him to build up the courage to approach her, he eventually did and they became and item, but then on a return trip from the moon, the interstellar entity known as the Phoenix took Jean's place [unbenowst to her teammates] and put Jean in suspended animation under the sea. The Phoenix masqueraded as Jean for a while, but ended up committing suicide on the moon.

Then a clone of Jean [created by Sinister] turned up calling herself Madelyne Pryor, Scott fell for her and they had a baby [Nathan Christopher Summers, Cable]. Then the original Jean returned and Scott got back with her. This drove Madlyne Pryor insane, she developed godlike powers, tried to take over the world and was eventually killed by Jean [nasty!]. It gets better:

Scott's son was infected with a techno-organic virus, so they sent him into the future to be cured, which was, unfortunately a living hell thanks to Apocalypse. Scott's kid was adopted by the Askani sisterhood who brought Jean and Scott into the future to raise him [in some other people's bodies]. Nathan Summers grew up to become Cable and traveled back in time again to kill Apocalypse before he controlled the earth, meeting his dad who is actually much younger than him in this time.

Recently, during an extremely convoluted plotline, Cyclops ended up being merged with Apocalypse whilst thwarting his attempt to obtain godlike powers. Eventually, as they always do, Cyclops fought off Apocalypse' control and rejoined the

W3 -> Lich

Marvel - Emma Frost.


Name: Emma Grace Frost


Mutant Power: Emma is an extremely accomplished telepath. She is easily capable of influencing and sensing the thoughts of others and using as other abilities such as 'mental bolts' to stun or sedate targets. As a result of a secondary mutation, Emma can now morph into a diamond like substance, which makes her invulnerable and grants her super strength. She is impervious to mental attacks in this form, but can also not use her own telepathy.

Brief Bio: The daughter of an old money family from Boston, Emma was disinherited by her parents when they discovered she was a mutant at the age of 15. She worked her way up from the streets and used her mutant abilities [in a less than discriminating way] to become the leader of a large multinational corporation.

It was here that she came into contact with the Hellfire Club, a group of rich elitist mutants with plans to take over the world. Emma joined the club and became the White Queen. After clashing several times with the x-men Emma left the Hellfire Club and was recruited by Professor X to help run his second campus in boston, which became the home of the group Generation X. After Generation X disbanded, Emma became a full time member of the x-men after she was rescued from the island Genosha after it was devastated by sentinels.

Wacky Plot line: Emma was stuck in a coma for a time after an attack by the time traveling villain Fitzroy. Not content to lay around, she possessed Iceman, and stayed in his body until the Professor managed to coax her out.

Strzeżcie się mocy mojego geniuszu
Chyba się zbytnio nie wyróżniam...
Warcraft 3 - Night Elf
Marvel - Spider-man
Chyba jak większość...

Determination that is incorruptible
From the other side
A terror to behold
Annihilation will be unavoidable
Every broken enemy will know
That their opponent get to be invincible
Take a last look around while you're alive
I'm an indestructible master of war

Czy ja tu w ogóle piszę?
Uwaga spoiler!:

Przecież już wiesz... A może?[color=red]
[size=5]Myślisz, że coś potrafisz? Jesteś pewien? Mi się wydaje, że nie byłbyś nawet w stanie kliknąć tego!

300 postów... To już... Nie pasuje, 3/10 byłoby zbyt oczywiste.

W3- Archmage
X-men- Storm...
I to drugie jest co najmniej zaskoczeniem.
Pewien filozof był wstrząśnięty, gdy mu Russell powiedział, że ze zdania fałszywego wynika prawdziwe. Filozof na to "Ma pan na myśli, że ze zdania, iż 2+2=5, wynika, że jest pan papieżem?". Russell zgodził się z tym. "Czy mógłby pan tego dowieść?" zapytał filozof. "Oczywiście"- padła odpowiedź- "Załóżmy, że 2+2=5, odejmijmy od obu stron równania 3 i wyjdzie na to, że 1=2, przenieśmy lewą stronę na prawą, a prawą na lewą, wtedy mamy 2=1. Papież i ja to dwie osoby. A skoro 2=1, to papież i ja to jedna i ta sama osoba. Jestem więc papieżem."

Я с тоски залезу на большую ель!
Хоть бросай кадило и поллитру пей
Блудливой плоти тяжкий потаскушный грех!
Теперь на небо не могу смотреть при всех!
W3 - Wódz Taurenów

a z x-menów to Władca Murów... się znaczy Juggernaut:P
Same bydlaki mi wyszły:D
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